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Benefits of Locumming

Posted on 24 August 2021

Locum tenens from the Latin meaning “place holder”, akin to the French lieutenant is defined as a person who stands in temporarily for someone else of the same profession, especially a cleric or doctor. Locums in Australia have become the backbone of the medical profession for aiding remote locations struggling inherently from staff shortages or where colleagues have required time away to recoup from their busy workloads. This service to the communities is vital to those that rely on them, whether from a patients point of view, client or Doctor being relieved.


What are the benefits of Locumming

Practicing as a locum doctor is on the rise especially in times of uncertainty where stability and patient numbers means one staying in the preferred area of practice isn’t always practical. Locum roles offer increased flexibility and opportunities because by their very nature, the scope of practice is varied and wide. 

Remuneration – whether paying off debts carried over from a medical degree, between jobs or shuttering your practice during low patient numbers, locum work can provide that boost in income you’re looking for and often paying higher than the standard salaried positions. Locums working in General Practice, Emergency, Mental Health, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Anaesthetics amongst many other specialties attract higher rates of pay. 

Variety & Experience – Where practitioners normally have the added administrative component of their respective salaried positions, locums often cover specific interim responsibilities often seeing patients and on-occasion hospital privileges as the Visiting Medical Officer (VMO) at their local hospital out of hours. Not only do the settings from primary to secondary care often factor in, but variety also comes between working within the CBD for one locum and a remote setting for the next. Along with each state and practice all offering their unique perspective within the profession, a locum can expect to gain a wealth of experience “mixing it up” with peers and colleagues.

Work Satisfaction – locum doctors get a unique opportunity to mingle and meet with a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Not only does this expand their professional networks and patient base, but it also gives the locum a chance to explore locations and visit places they otherwise would never have done. 

Travelling – If workload has always been an obstacle to travelling then working as a locum doctor provides the perfect opportunity to do both. Too often when speaking to doctors who have worked in the same salaried position long term, they long for a sea change, even if just for a few weeks which often is enough to break up the monotony and reinvigorates them. Especially prior to the pandemic, doctors could get on a plane and take a working holiday away from the mundane exploring the great Australian terrain.

Flexibility – The greatest benefit of being a locum doctor is the flexibility and control when considering working hours, type of work and locations that best fits with your current circumstances. You get to work how you want and when you want with very little pressure other than focusing on patient care and healthy patient outcomes.

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